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World record in 38m 42s 180ms by abney317

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Category rules

Play through all 4 cups in 1-player 150cc mode in order from Mushroom cup onward. You must place at least 4th on all tracks (or 5th with the rare tie glitch that allows you to continue). You may reset the console and select the next cup after crossing the finish line of the last track of each cup.

Time start: Select the Mushroom cup to show the "Ok ?" prompt. Start the timer when pressing A to start the cup.

Timer stop: Stop the timer when you cross the finish line at the end of lap 3 on Rainbow Road.

Cutting through grass, sand, etc. is allowed. The Koopa Troopa Beach tunnel shortcut is allowed. The Yoshi Valley hairpin cut is allowed. Jumping over walls or using Lakitu to advance through tracks more quickly and in unintended ways is not allowed in no skips. Using the finishline polygons on Koopa Troopa Beach and Royal Raceway to get better items is allowed as it is not a skip.

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