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World record in 04h 2m 41s by Yoshi_Zilla

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All emulators, MIOS modifications, or homebrew applications capable of running Gamecube ISOs (Dolphin, Dios Mios, Devolution, Nintendont, etc.) are banned. The use of a backup disc is banned. Launching the game (via disc or otherwise) from Nintendont is banned (as it seems to make the game run faster than normal.) All cheats are banned from being used.

All Crystal Stars is defined as collecting all seven Crystal Stars and beating the game. Timing starts when you click "Yes" after entering your name. Timing ends at "The End" screen at the end of the credits or when the seventh Crystal Star is collected, whichever occurs last.

As of February 26, 2017, all full-game category submissions require video proof.