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World record in 16m 3s 720ms by ConnorAce

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Vault save how-to:

Beat the game as fast as possible.
Beat the game in one sitting, quicksaves and quickloads are allowed.

Banned glitches:
- Turret killed Glados
- Edge glitch, Save glitch, Clipping Glitch
- Portal under door (in chamber 9)
- Super object throw
- Item Climbing
- Camera Fly
- Portal Bumping
- Quantum Crouch
- Any method of going OoB/placing portals OoB
- Button save glitch

For portal runs the Source Unpack is used which can be found in the resource section, you can do runs on the latest steampipe but note that not all tricks will be usable (mainly saveglitch)

Timing begins when the crosshair appears and ends when it disappears after Glados' death.
Timing is done using Ingametime - Livesplit is highly recommended due to its auto-start/stop and load removal.
You are allowed to use the official save (resource section) to skip the vault.
You have to set livesplit to start at 53.01 seconds if you use the save.
Pauses have to be timed (Engine Ticks with Pauses)

All runs HAVE to be submitted with some sort of proof in form of a video or demos. In case of suspicion demos can be requested by the mods.
Videos have to show the full run from start to finish.
Demos can automatically be recorded with Maxxuss' demo plugin (see resources).
Demos including the vault.dem HAVE to be submitted if you decide to use the save to skip the vault, videos are not sufficient.
As a result of the save implementation screenshots are no longer a valid proof and will get rejected (as they should've always been...).
Runs in the top 10 should provide both demos and a video, including livesplit.
Top 10 runs HAVE to be submitted with a live recording with livesplit showing and demos.

Allowed commands/bindings:
-Any bind that is accessible from the menu
-sv_player_funnel_into_portals binding (checkbox in the menu)
-toggle_duck binding (default controller bind)
-cl_showpos 1
-binds for sensitivity
-save/load on one key binding
-custom named save binds
-demo plugin related binds

If you are unsure about a command, bind or other rule please ask via the forum.

(Wednesday September 2, 2015)