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World record in 57m 32s by SHiFT

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Category rules

Gameplay Requirements and Timing Rules

Finish the game.

Start: On input selecting the autosave preference on the new game screen, initiating the first loading screen.

End: On destruction of the final fuse inside of Robo-SpongeBob, initiating the final cutscene.

Gameplay Restrictions

All cheat codes are banned from use.

Hans must be enabled (or treated as enabled) before starting the run.

Emulator & Video Proof Rules

All submissions require linked video proof with sound.

Runs performed on emulators will be rejected if faster than 1:25:00.

Emulation runs with loading times that are not similar to those of the emulated console will be rejected.

Console Modification & Off-Disk Restrictions

Off-disk play and refurbished/hardware-modified Xbox consoles are banned from use.

Players are responsible for making sure the Xbox they choose fits these guidelines:

Other Submission Guidelines

Mods may reject suspicious submissions with no video proof, asking for video proof to be supplied.