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World record in 19m 3s 860ms by andrewg

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Category rules

Beat the game as fast as possible, without using warp zones.
Turbo/Autofire and left+right/up+down are banned.
Please add the emulator used in the comments. It's also highly preferred that if you're running on emulator to capture the entire window of the emulator, including the window border. If you used a flash cart (like Powerpak or Everdrive) or some other way to play the game not on original hardware, please add that in the comments as well.

Timing is done using the SDA standard:
Start: On the frame that "400" appears in the top right after selecting 1 player.
End: On the frame all sprites are invisible after touching the axe in 8-4.

Times below 20:00.00 need a video.
Due to the popularity of the game, times below 19:10.00 are treated with suspicion. To maximise your chances of having a run verified it is highly recommended that you stream all of your attempts and provide split files.