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World record in 5m 1s 701ms by andrewg

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__Banned Emulators__

Turbo/Autofire and left+right/up+down are banned.
Please add the emulator used in the comments. It's also highly preferred that if you're running on emulator to capture the entire window of the emulator, including the window border. Using savestates to the start screen is prohibited. The selecting of the game must be shown on the video.

Timing starts on gaining control of the character. (the frame before Mario starts moving right / the frame after the brightness is at its maximum after loading 1-1)
Timing ends on touching the axe in the final stage. (Mario and Bowser's hammers being invisible)

Times below 5:26.00 need a video.
Due to the popularity of the game, times below 5:06.00 are treated with suspicion. To maximise your chances of having a run verified it is highly recommended that you stream all of your attempts and provide split files.