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World record in 01h 10m 19s by Kirua

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Beat the game, entering and completing every stage and Hammer Bros. fight.

Time starts on pressing Start on the title screen.
Time ends on entering the door after defeating Bowser, which is exactly 5 frames before the screen begins to fade.

Exhaustive list of what needs to be entered and beaten: all numbered stages, all fortresses, all end-of-world airships, all overworld Hammer Bros. (including their Boomerang Bros. (w2), Fire Bros. (w2) and Sledge Bros. (w4) variations), the quicksand and pyramid stages in World 2, the tower in World 5, both piranha plant stages in World 7, and both tanks, the navy, the three hand traps, the air force and Bowser's castle in World 8. If you accidentally transform Hammer Bros. into a coinship, you must either beat the coinship or revert it back by dying to then kill the Hammer Bros.

Mushroom houses, card games, roulette games and overworld pipes are allowed but not required.

Banned emulators: ZSNES (any version), SNES9x 1.4x