Category 20 Shines

World record in 19m 18s by Syrup

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Category rules

Collect 20 Shines.

Time starts when pressing A to select 'Start', on a file that has completed ONLY the Airstrip and has watched the subsequent cutcenes. Time ends when the Shine Sprite counter ticks over to the number 20.

* Runs must be real-time (No pausing the timer).
* When playing on console, you must play using an official game disc. USB/SD loading or unofficial (copied) discs are not allowed.
* Using Nintendont to play discs from other regions is NOT allowed.
* Emulator is not allowed for runs under 22 minutes.
* Video proof is required for runs under 22 minutes.
* Videos are required to show the game clearly, and contain game audio.

* Submit your runs with video if you have the ability to do so, regardless of the requirements.
* Upload your splits to and add them to your submission, especially if you don't have a video.
* [Gecko OS]( is the preferred app for playing discs from other regions. Priiloader and AnyRegion Changer are also fine. If you want to use a different method, please contact a moderator first.
* If you have any questions, contact a moderator. The best place to do this is in the [community Discord](