Category Major Glitches

World record in 1m 31s by Lomiig

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Category rules

Below are the minimum conditions we advise you to meet in order to guarantee your submission will be accepted. We may reject submissions if some of these conditions are not met and we feel we are not able to verify its legitimacy. It is expected to meet all of these conditions for higher profile times.


1) Only official Japanese, American and European versions are allowed.

2) Turbo is banned.

3) Pressing Up+Down or Left+Right simultaneously is banned.

4) The full credits must be shown for categories which beat the game.

5) All major glitches are allowed.


1) ZSNES (all versions) and SNES9X (1.43 and below) are banned.

2) Emulator specific functionality is banned (e.g. save states, binding multiple keys, etc).

3) Only one action can be mapped to any given button. For example you cannot bind Up and Right to the same button.

4) Runs should start from a soft (or hard) reset and must show the FPS for the duration of the run.

5) The emulator name and version must be visible or shown at the end.

6) The input configuration (button mappings) must be visible or shown at the end.