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World record in 03h 40m 55s by Demon9

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General Rules:
- All homebrew applications are banned, except for BotwRuns v1.0 found in the resources section.
- If an excessive amount of amiibo is used in your run, you may be proof-called and required to show a picture of your amiibo/card collection with identification before your run can be verified.

All Main Quests Rules:
- Timing starts on file select/start.
- Timing ends once the final arrow makes contact with Beast Ganon.
- Complete all 15 Main Quests:
Follow The Sheikah Slate
The Isolated Plateau
Seek Out Impa
Find the Fairy Fountain
Locked Mementos
Free the Divine Beasts
Reach Zora’s Domain
Divine Beast Vah Ruta
Divine Beast Vah Rudania
Divine Beast Vah Medoh
Forbidden City Entry
Divine Beast Vah Naboris
The Hero's Sword
Captured Memories
Destroy Ganon