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World record in 32h 15m 18s by SpecsN_Stats

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Category rules

General Rules:
- All homebrew applications are banned, except for BotwRuns v1.0 found in the resources section.
- If an excessive amount of amiibo is used in your run, you may be proof-called and required to show a picture of your amiibo/card collection with identification before your run can be verified.

100% Rules:
- Timing starts on file select/start.
- Timing ends once the final arrow makes contact with Beast Ganon [u]after[/u] completing the following goals:
[-] All heart and stamina upgrades
- Complete all 120 shrines and get all spirit orbs
- Complete all 4 dungeons and get all heart containers
[-] All Quests
- 15/15 Main Quests
- 42/42 Shrine quests
- 76/76 Side Quests
[-]100%/100% map percentage counter
- All 900 Koroks
- All Discovered Locations, Shrines, Towers etc.
[-] All Key Items
- Shiekah Slate+
- Paraglider
- All dungeon rewards
- All Kilton medals
- Kill 40/40 Hinox, 40/40 Talus and 4/4 Molduga
- All Bridles and Saddles
- Hestu's Gift
- All 900 Korok Seeds and Full Inventory Expansion
- Confidential Envelope
- Complete Compendium
[-] Master Sword (the only permanent weapon)
[-] Fully upgraded non-sellable clothes: Champion's Tunic, Zora Armor Set, Wild Armor Set, Thunder Helm
- Awaken all 4 Great Fairies (does NOT include the Horse Fairy)
[-] All fully upgraded Runes