Category No Major Skips

World record in 02h 53m 43s by realtimeattack64

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Category rules

-All Glitches are allowed
-Skipping the Trials is banned
-Skipping Ganondorf and Ganon is banned
-Boss Key skips are banned
--RBAing boss keys is banned
-Skipping Iron Boots is banned
-Accessing Bottom of the Well without Song of Storms is banned
-Accessing areas, that are normally only accessible as adult, as child (and vice versa) is banned
--i.e: Ganon's Tower collapse as child, early gerudo fortress as child, etc
-All sequence breaks that allow you to skip dungeons are banned, no matter what*
--Bypassing the Door of Time to skip the child dungeons is banned
--Escaping the forest is banned**
--Accessing Shadow Temple early before learning the Nocturne of Shadow is banned
--Skipping the Nocturne of Shadow to skip Forest, Fire, and Water temple is banned
--Obtaining the light arrows early to skip Shadow and Spirit is banned
--Writing medallions and stones in your inventory to skip the dungeons is banned
--Writing the Nocturne of Shadow in your inventory is banned

*Even if you were to meet all of the requirements for a quest, you're still not allowed to do the trick that will allow you to skip it. i.e: even if you beat all of the child dungeons, you still can't Door of Time skip.
**Adult aqua escape is allowed

Emulator-specific rules:
-You must use Project64 1.6 or 1.7. All other emulators and versions (such as Mupen64 and Project64 2.0+) are banned.
-You must use the default settings for emulation. (eg. Changing the graphics plugin to do GIM is not allowed)
-Tricks and glitches exclusive to 1.0/1.1 cannot be used on emulator to save time.

As of September 10th 2017, all submissions require video