Category Donald's Dock Toontasks

World record in 01h 4m 41s by Megasnoop

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Category rules

• This category is for Toontown Rewritten. Other servers are not allowed on this leaderboard.
• Time starts upon selecting your toon on the "Pick a Toon to Play" screen prior to starting any of the Donald's Dock Toontasks.
• Time ends upon talking to Ahab for the last time as you complete the final toontask in Donald's Dock.
• RTA timing must be used, so pausing the timer at any point is not allowed (even when the game crashes).
• If submitting this run as solo, your friends list must be empty. Having random toons join you in battle is fine, but controlling a 2nd toon or directly working with another person through text/voice chat is not allowed.
• Live streaming solo runs on any platform is not allowed, but live streaming co-op runs is acceptable.
• If submitting this run as co-op, this run can be live streamed and done with friends including teleporting/helping in battles.