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World record in 04h 46m 59s by TGH

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Category rules

Start with a 0-reset fresh game.
Time begins on "YES" during name select and ends on either entering through the door, going through the last text box with Toriel, or choosing "ERASE" or "DON'T ERASE" against the fallen child, depending on which ending you do last.

A video of your run is required in your submission.

Multi-client is not allowed, with the exception of having the title screen or main menu open in the background for faster load times.

Editing save files in any shape or form is automatic disqualification.

Only one version of the game may be used in a run.

The dirty hacker ending is banned.

A document containing the route, and all the endings you must complete, is available at this link:

For restrictions regarding game modifications, read this: