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World record in 26m 48s by Nusmag

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Defeat all fixed-encounter bosses in the game in any order. Time begins upon starting the countdown of the first assassination mission and ends when the mission complete screen appears for the last mission.

The following bosses must be defeated:
- Captain Vor
- The Jackal
- Vay Hek
- Lech Kril
- The Sergeant
- Lech Kril & Captain Vor (on Ceres)
- Alad V
- Raptors
- Sargus Ruk
- Tyl Regor
- Hyena Pack
- Ambulas
- Jordas Golem
- Mutalist Alad V
- Kela de Thaym
- Lephantis
- [s]Phorid [/s]

Rules are as follows:
- All Warframe/weapons/gear items are available to use.
- You may not run missions in parallel for Co-op runs.
- Final time must include loads to the nearest second.
- Single segment only.
- Platinum usage is forbidden.
- Beacons are forbidden.
- Must be glitchless.
- Field and raid bosses are not included in this run.

This is a seasonal category and any updates to the bosses will result in these runs becoming Legacy as U20 Bosses.