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World record in 10h 1m 0s by BrutalGreen

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This is a record keeping category for Endurance players (until a similar type leaderboard is produced). To reduce clutter, all nodes are added under the same subcategory, so use the Filters to customize the boards even further to achieve your desired leaderboard. Join the Discord server if you have questions about this category.

[u]Category rules[/u]
- Failures during the attempt are allowed (similar to accepting the attempts of sub-WR speedruns).
- Any loadout is allowed.
- Any developer-intended game mechanic is allowed (ie. lasers in Void defense).
- No bugs/glitches/exploits. This is a case-by-case basis, but we generally know what we are looking for. If you have to question it, don't do it.

[u]World Records[/u]
There are five types of accepted verification for World Record. Generally, the MORE proof you have, the LESS likely people will question your record.
[*]1. Full video of the attempt from ALL points of views. This is the most widely accepted form and will verify your run without question. Please link the other videos in your description.
[*]2. Full video of the attempt from ONE point of view. Still valid, just not as good.
[*]3. Video of last 10 minutes of the run. If you can't provide large videos, but can provide some of it. Please show the Mission Success screen during the video.
[*]4. Screenshot of Mission Success. Must include the time, all players involved, Total Kills, and Deaths.
[*]5. Screenshot of Leaderboard. Least accepted method and can be easily challenged/removed.

Disclaimer: This leaderboard is for bookkeeping purposes only and does not reflect the sport of speedrunning.